Nuqleous and TR3 Unite to Elevate Retail Analytics Across North America and Europe

Strategic acquisition positions Nuqleous as the only global end-to-end retail analytics solutions provider for Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) suppliers

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Nuqleous & TR3 Unite to Elevate Retail Analytics in NA & Europe

Positions Nuqleous as the only global end-to-end retail analytics solutions provider for CPG suppliers

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Six Pitfalls to Avoid for Successful Demand Planning

Creating an effective demand plan is key for any business to optimize operations, minimize costs, and meet customer expectations. However, even experienced pros often fall victim to common mistakes that can throw a wrench in the accuracy and efficiency of their demand planning process.

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5 Signs Your Data Analytics Partner is Setting You Up for Success

Consumer goods suppliers have volumes of valuable data available to guide them in making better, faster decisions that will impact their business performance. Many turn to analytics partners to help, but are those partners doing what you need to be successful?

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A Walmart Suppliers’ Guide to Reducing SQEP Fees

In February 2021, Walmart launched the Supplier Quality Excellence Program (SQEP), aimed at lowering receiving costs and improving product speed to shelf, thereby giving consumers the best shopping experience possible. The program will help chase out any product, packing, or shipment issues that interfere with the automated receiving processes at Walmart distribution centers (DCs) and stores by flagging and fining the suppliers for the defects.

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Store Specific Orders (SSOs) Made Easy

Retailer Store Specific Orders (SSOs) allow suppliers to direct products to specific locations. Suppliers use them to dial in the right amount of inventory for new item launches, in-store promotions, and solve out-of-stock issues. This article explains what SSOs are, when to use them, the challenges they pose, and how to get results using an efficient and effective approach.

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