We'll help you get the right mix to produce results

Get the right mix of products in your category. It’s easy to say, but harder to get done based on the seemingly endless variables to consider like location, time, weather, demographics and competitors. That’s where TR3 helps, we’ve got the data, views, processes and breakouts you need to get it done efficiently and effectively.

TR3 for Category

Optimize Space Allocation

Take control with TR3’s modular planning solution to ensure your products stay on the shelf and drive the highest impact.

Drive Assortment Based on Region, Seasonality

Get powerful insights from an easy to use process that looks at data from several prisms including time and geography as well as supplier and retailer hierarchies.

Shopper Insights

Demographic and trait performance analysis using shopping cart, loyalty and syndicated data.

Private Label Impact

Find the right balance for your business without allowing creep to minimize the impact of your critical branded items.

Pricing Optimization

Get the highest revenue and profit possible using advanced pricing strategies across the country; it’s not one price fits all.

Evaluate Brand Performance

Winners, losers, sales and supply chain service levels. Get the facts so you can make informed decisions on how to drive the highest results next year.

Category Variables

Strategic decisions are complicated, in Category you trade off one variable vs many others. TR3’s key to success is to help you find the right mix that gives you the best overall positioning, without getting stuck in the weeds.

  • Assortment
  • Revenue
  • Price
  • Shelf Space
  • Retailer
  • Region
  • Seasonality
  • Demographics
  • Private Label
  • Segment Performance
  • Share Performance
  • Working with TR3, we saw results over the course of several months; results that increased our margins.

    Category ManagerDiversified CPG Manufacturer