Frequently Asked Questions


Why am I not seeing my Item Number in a report?

We suggest trying to run a small Ad-Hoc query with no filters except for that specific item number to make sure the item is returning from the TR3 data set.

Also, make sure to check that you’re using the right filters on the report selections page as these could be causing the item to be excluded from the report results. Examples of common filters on the TR3 reports include (1) Prime/Item Number, (2) Min. Valid Stores (3) Order Book Flag.

Why is my report/notifications not ready?
  • After updating a password, it will take up to 2 hours for data to pull and notifications to be processed.
  • If the password isn’t expired, please see the landing page status box or report held email to see if a high or low variance is holding your report. If this is happening consider if this rise or drop is expected and click “accept trend” if it is. This will release your report.


If you have waited 4 hours for a notification, please call or email the Customer Success Team.

Why is my report taking over an hour to run?
  • If your Ad Hoc report is taking over an hour to run please consider using filters to remove any unnecessary data. An easy way to do this is to click on the gear next to "Report Log" and check "Only include rows with metric data". This will remove any rows where all metric values are blank or zero.
  • If this report will be a daily or weekly store level report please create a notification so it can run outside of normal reporting hours and send to you when ready.
  • This video will help you set up a notification:
What's causing the gaps in my reporting?

Gaps are often caused by metrics that are only available during the current week.  When a retailer is disconnected for longer than a week a gap can be caused.  A disconnection is caused by an expired password, a prolonged retailer account swap, etc.. If you have confirmed the retailer can pull historical values for the metric with a gap please call or email the Customer Success Team.

What does this metric mean in Ad Hoc?

Hover over the metric for a moment and a tool tip description will show up so you can see the exact definition of the metric.

Why can't I find an Ad Hoc Metric?
  • Use the search bar to check if a metric is available in Ad Hoc, also remember to try using abbreviations for the metric, ex. POS instead of Point of Sale.
  • If you still do not see a metric in Ad Hoc please reach out to the Customer Success Team via call or email for help adding it.
Why is the In Stock in TR3 not matching my Walmart report?

There are 2 key In Stock% values provided by Walmart:

  • In Stock Replenishable – Pulling from “Curr Repl In Stock” from Retail Link. This is a metric that can only be pulled “today” from Retail Link.
  • In Stock % (Avg Repl) – Pulling from Avg Repl In Stock % from Retail Link. This metric does not populate for current week in Retail Link and can only be used for historical weeks.

TR3’s standard reports such as the Buyer Review display Curr Repl In Stock for the current week and Avg Repl In Stock % for any historical weeks.


My report is ready, but didn’t send to me?

Check for an email with “Report On Hold:” in the subject line to see what metrics are holding back your report.

If there is no hold email and the notification is complete, please check “My Files” (the cloud at the top right-hand corner), files can go here due to size or notification settings.

How do I update my retailer password?
  • Click on the gears in the top right-hand corner of the page.
  • Select “Update Retail Portal Information”
  • After scrolling to the retailer update the password and the confirm password area.
  • Click Update.
  • This will automatically activate your data pull if disabled. Notifications and reports should be available with in 2 hours after updating.
How can I add a new team member to TR3?
  1. In the top right-hand corner of the screen please click on the icon that looks like a person with a plus sign.
  2. Add their email and select the retailer(s) they should have access to.
  3. Click “Send Invites” for them to receive an email to set up their new TR3 account.
  4. If the domain has not been used before, please call or email the Customer Success Team. Emails with a new domain can still be added to notifications without assistance.
How do I add an email to a notification?
  1. Click on the gears in the top right-hand corner
  2. Select “Notification Manager”
  3. After scrolling to the Notification, paste or type the email for the new recipient(s)
  4. Click “Add”
  5. Click “Update”
  6. **If this notification is going to My Files you will need to create a user for them


What's in Charter?

Charter is one of the Luminate access levels that TR3 Solutions supports*. This advanced access model for Luminate can be purchased by contacting Luminate and will include the features below:

Channel Performance is the DSS equivalent module that has the same types of sales and supply chain metrics at all levels, plus some newer and more accurate Ecomm data. Channel Performance has an API. There’s also two new modules, Shopper Insights and Consumer Behavior, which are portal-access only.


* TR3 Solutions supports both Luminate data access levels: Basic and Charter.