Right Product, Right
Place, Right Time

Taking care of your internal responsibilities is another key part of the problem. With TR3 your supply chain and logistics teams are provided clear guidance on your performance, and easy to follow steps to hit the mark. Orders and fulfillment metrics including On Time In Full (OTIF) are carefully measured and reviewed in real time with key insights to hit your mark.

Benefits at a Glance

How Are We Doing?

Latest view of PO compliance / OTIF to assess performance, and take corrective action as needed to avoid fees and improve performance.

Prevent Automated System Mistakes

Ordering and fulfillment systems run in the background and make the right call most of the time. But when they make the wrong call, you need to catch it before bad stuff happens.

Lower Your Transportation Costs

Anticipate upcoming demand and order fulfillment and respond with efficient, smoothed orders and position your team for on-time delivery.

Make One-Click Fixes

Finding the problems is just the first step, TR3’s battery of fixes can be instantly applied. No more time spent crunching data and running scenarios, the answer is just a click away.

Evaluate Your Partners

Performance scorecards to highlight which distributor and carries are hitting their goals, and help them see what to change to perform better.

Defend Chargebacks

TR3 provides the central resource to compile and reconcile retailer and ERP data for use in defending your business. Simple integration with all leading ERP solutions.

Key Analysis

Take control of your fulfillment process with better visibility and alerts from TR3. Powerful tools to ensure you are meeting your critical service level requirements.

  • Carrier Scorecard
  • High Store Orders
  • Inventory Research Tool
  • McLane Orders
  • Order Matrix
  • Order Pattern Exceptions
  • Order Screening
  • Plant Matrix
  • PO Arrival vs Received
  • PO Compliance / OTIF
  • Shipment Forecast
  • Shipment Tracker
  • Supply Chain Reliability
  • TR3 helped us get on track and saved us big money in transportation costs and retailer imposed fees.

    Logistics DirectorDry Grocery