Replenishment is hard, TR3 makes it easy

Replenishment requires more than a one size fits all solution. Retail partners, distribution models, categories, managers and item velocities vary across the board. TR3 understands this and has created proven solutions for each Supplier, from billion dollar global manufacturers to garage based startups offering their items through dot com websites.

TR3 for Replenishment

Predictive Out of Stocks

Proactively correct issues before they become a problem with TR3’s AI powered analytics. Uses millions of data points to give allow you to take control.

Meet Service Level Goals

Ensure your products are on the shelf at the right time and location at your key retail partners using our solution to fine tune your forecasts, orders and inventory levels.

Grow Business with Replenishment

Take control with TR3 to transform your supply chain into a business drive, not just a cost of doing business. Key actions can increase revenue and avoid fees to make a strong impact on your bottom line.

Retailer Trusted

We follow the retailer accepted best practices for finding and fixing replenishment issues. Retail partners have the confidence that TR3 platform users are following a robust methodology and accept the fixes.

See Results Quickly

We get operational quickly, and your team will have an easy time marking use of of our platform and processes. And our ROI tracker will document the value your team delivers.

Action, Not Just Data

We’re talking about big data, really big data. We’ll alert you to issues and opportunities, and help prioritize things, so you won’t be left staring at reports looking for exceptions.

Key Performance Metrics

Industry leading tools to proactively correct exceptions and speed the time to insight. No time wasted pulling queries; go directly to take action and fine tune automated replenishment systems!

  • POS
  • In-Stocks
  • Forecasts
  • Distribution Points
  • On-Time Delivery
  • Fill Rate
  • Days of Supply
  • Inventory Turns
  • Orders, Ships
  • Markdowns
  • Promotions
  • ROI Tracking
  • We love their solution and I call it the Easy Button for replenishment managers!

    Supply Chain DirectorHealth and Beauty CPG Supplier