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What’s New: January 2023

At TR3, we aim to provide an easy-to-use platform that delivers trusted data when you need it. This month, we’ve made improvements to our #1 tool ad-hoc, making it easier to use. We’ve also expanded our network of retailer data and helped suppliers better trust the data they’re getting from retailers.


1. Ad-hoc

2. Amazon

3. Sam’s Club

4. Dollar General and Family Dollar

5. Advanced Data Integrity


It’s now easier than ever to bring data from multiple retailers into one report, bringing greater visibility across all channels on one report. We’ve made it easier for customers to personalize their reports with the ability to create custom: file names, column headers, and data formats. Lastly, we’ve improved our calculated fields to handle and support complex calculations.

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Amazon has transitioned to its new reporting platform, Retail Analytics.

Sam’s Club

OTIF compliance visibility is now available to help suppliers take action to meet goals and avoid fees.

Dollar General and Family Dollar

We’ve expanded vendor category personalization for Dollar General and Family Dollar applications. Users can now utilize up to 20 custom categories for these retailers, adding more granularity to your reports.

Advanced Data Integrity

Supplier data can now be checked at the channel level across our retailer network. With this added layer of protection ensuring accuracy for brick-and-mortar and online data, users can rest assured that their retailer data is accurate.

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