View sales your way; how and when you need it

Hit your sales targets with insights and action from TR3. Other big data solutions give you more reports, with TR3 you get the critical actions, visibility and ROI to grow your business. Expand distribution, more promotions, better launches, and higher order volume are all available when use TR3.

TR3 for Sales

Drive Growth

Go after opportunities to grow the business using time, geography, trends, traits, segments and more…

Multi-Retailer Visibility

One solution to provide insights, analytics and visualization for all your retail channels and syndicated data.

Get The Best Of Both Worlds

A configurable library of reports, combined with powerful ad-hoc capabilities gives you a complete analytics platform.

Easy to Use

Log in and see a clear, easy to follow story. No technology degree needed. Select what you need and it’s one click to get it.

Available When & Where You Need It

Push, pull or browse your data, where and when you need it. Mobile, desktop, paper, anywhere…

Influence Your Partners

Produce the information your buyers, retailers and brokers need to help you grow the business.

Available Reports

A comprehensive, out-of-the-box, configurable library of reports to support internal needs and collaborate with partners. Combined with powerful ad-hoc capabilities to find the right information in a stack of data.

  • 52 Week Sales
  • Ad-Hoc Sales Tool
  • Broker Scorecard
  • Buyer Review
  • Category Summary
  • DotCom Pricing
  • DotCom Weekly Sales
  • First of the Month
  • Heat Map
  • Modular Sales
  • New Item Launches
  • On Shelf Availability
  • Order Generator
  • Price Elasticity
  • Price Segmentation
  • Promo
  • Regional Sales
  • Results Tracking
  • Segmentation Analysis
  • Top 10
  • Velocity
  • Weekend Outs
  • TR3 is becoming a big deal… We believe TR3 is on a rapid rise to the top of the market.

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