Having Lots of Clients Is Great, But the Workload is Brutal, Until Now

TR3’s platform is a fully automated end to end solution for third party service providers

Did you know that, on average, retailer portals change 8.3 times a year?

When portals change most companies automation breaks, but with TR3 you never have to worry about a disruption in data availability.

Imagine a world where you can

  • Easily prep for buyer meetings in minutes
  • Speed up your monthly billing process
  • Expand your services to additional retail channels
  • Make it easy to train new staff on analytics best practices

3rd-Party Teams We Help

  • Headquarter Sales
  • Private Label Services
  • Sales and Replenishment Outsourcing
  • In-Store Execution
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Deductions Recovery

Features You’ll Love:

Fully automated client insights, all under your brand

A customizable platform to meet the needs of your business

Up and running in hours, not days or weeks

Best in class ad-hoc solution

Supplier and category captain insights, plus syndicated data

Reporting you can trust thanks to TR3’s Advanced Data Integrity (ADI)

When you call we answer the phone

100+ automated data connectors for retailers in North America and Europe

A high-value, cost-effective platform that grows with your business

TR3's easy-to-use, cloud-based solution powers consumer product goods suppliers with automated, cleansed retailer data from over 100 retailer connections, providing accurate data faster and feeling confident in decisions that help drive business forward.

To access accurate data faster, contact our team today.