Having Lots of Clients Is Great, But the Workload is Brutal, Until Now

TR3’s platform is a fully automated end to end solution for third party service providers

Did you know that, on average, retailer portals change 8.3 times a year?

When portals change most companies automation breaks, but with TR3 you never have to worry about a disruption in data availability.

Imagine a world where you can

  • Easily prep for buyer meetings in minutes
  • Speed up your monthly billing process
  • Expand your services to additional retail channels
  • Make it easy to train new staff on analytics best practices

3rd-Party Teams We Help

  • Headquarter Sales
  • Private Label Services
  • Sales and Replenishment Outsourcing
  • In-Store Execution
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Deductions Recovery

Features You’ll Love:

Fully automated client insights, all under your brand

A customizable platform to meet the needs of your business

Up and running in hours, not days or weeks

Best in class ad-hoc solution

Supplier and category captain insights, plus syndicated data

Reporting you can trust thanks to TR3’s Advanced Data Integrity (ADI)

When you call we answer the phone

100+ automated data connectors for retailers in North America and Europe

A high-value, cost-effective platform that grows with your business