Enterprise CPG

Large enterprises have a lot of systems, team and partners that need to work together in lock-step to hit your sales and supply chain goals for brick and mortar and dotcom channels. TR3’s platform enables consistent, best of breed processes for the entire enterprise to leverage your immense data assets and ensure consistency for all areas of the business.

  • Sales
  • Replenishment
  • Logistics
  • Category
  • Data Lake

TR3 for Sales

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Drive Growth

Go after opportunities to grow the business using time, geography, trends, traits, segments and more…

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Have It Your Way

All the tools available to meet stakeholder needs including Alerts, spreadsheets, push notifications, data visualizations

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You’re In Control

Fully customizable so you can keep the reports you love including your own calculations, look and feel, and categories

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Easy To Use

Log in and see a clear view of your world. No technology degree needed. Select what you need and it’s one click to get it.

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Influence Your Partners

Produce the information your buyers, retailers and brokers need to help you grow the business.

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Omnichannel Visibility

One view of performance across all your retailer channels including brick and mortar, dotcom, syndicated data

Available Reports

A comprehensive set of standard reports built for supplier sales teams to drive growth, and collaborate with the partners, combined with powerful customized reporting to meet your specific needs. Available reports include the following.

52 Week Sales

Ad-Hoc Sales Tool

Broker Scorecard

Buyer Review

Category Summary

DotCom Pricing

DotCom Weekly Sales

First of the Month

Heat Map

Modular Sales

New Item Launches

On Shelf Availability

Order Generator

Price Elasticity

Price Segmentation

TR3 for Replenishment

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See the Problem

Platform is continuously looking for CPFR issues and alerting you to the problems so you can tackle them before they impact your bottom line

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Root Cause Analysis

Clear underlying causes of issues identified, with direction on how to resolve internally or with the retailer partner

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See Results Quickly

We get operational quickly, and your team will have an easy time marking use of of our platform and processes. And our ROI tracker will document the value your team delivers.

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Meet Service Level Goals

Ensure your products are on the shelf at the right time and location at your key retail partners using our solution to fine tune your forecasts, orders and inventory levels.

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Retailer trusted

We follow retailer accepted best practices for finding and fixing replenishment issues, giving our retail partners the confidence they need.

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Fix at the Click of a Button

Business process automation to solve key issues for in-stocks, forecasts and OTIF

Actionable Insights

First thing we’re going to do it tell you where we see a problem with your key metrics and CPFR settings. Next we’ll tell you how to solve the problem based upon your specific business model and retailer needs. Finally if there’s a way to give you the fix at the click of a button we’ll make that available.




Distribution Points

On-Time Delivery

Fill Rate

Days of Supply

Inventory Turns

Orders, Ships



ROI Tracking

In-Stock Recovery

Root Cause Analysis

DSD Alerts

Benefits at a Glance

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How are we doing?

Up to date views of key OTIF performance including visibility down to the PO level to assess root cause and take corrective action to mitigate fees.

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Lower Your Transportation Costs

Anticipate upcoming demand and order fulfillment and respond with efficient, smoothed orders and position your team for on-time delivery.

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Evaluate Your Partners

Performance scorecards to highlight which distributor and carries are hitting their goals, and help them see what to change to perform better.

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Prevent Automated System Mistakes

Ordering and fulfillment systems run in the background and make the right call most of the time. But when they make the wrong call, you need to catch it before bad stuff happens.

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Make One-click Fixes

Finding the problems is just the first step, TR3’s battery of fixes can be instantly applied. No more time spent crunching data and running scenarios, the answer is just a click away.

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Defend Chargebacks

TR3 provides the central resource to compile and reconcile retailer and ERP data for use in defending your business. Simple integration with all leading ERP solutions.

Key Analysis

Take control of your fulfillment process with better visibility and alerts from TR3. Powerful tools to ensure you are meeting your critical service level requirements.

Carrier Scorecard

High Store Orders

Inventory Research Tool

3rd Party Warehouse Orders

Order Matrix

Order Pattern Exceptions

Order Screening

Plant Matrix

PO Arrival vs Received

PO Compliance / OTIF

Shipment Forecast

Shipment Tracker

Supply Chain Reliability

Early Warning System

TR3 for Category

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Optimize Space Allocation

Take control with TR3’s modular planning solution to ensure your products stay on the shelf and drive the highest impact.

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Shopper Insights

Demographic and trait performance analysis using shopping cart, loyalty and syndicated data.

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Pricing Optimization

Get the highest revenue and profit possible using advanced pricing strategies across the country; it’s not one price fits all.

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Drive Assortment Based On Region, Seasonality

Get powerful insights from an easy to use process that looks at data from several prisms including time and geography as well as supplier and retailer hierarchies.

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Private Label Impact

Find the right balance for your business without allowing creep to minimize the impact of your critical branded items.

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Evaluate Brand Performance

Winners, losers, sales and supply chain service levels. Get the facts so you can make informed decisions on how to drive the highest results next year.

Category Variables

Strategic decisions are complicated, in Category you trade off one variable vs many others. TR3’s key to success is to help you find the right mix that gives you the best overall positioning, without getting stuck in the weeds.




Shelf Space





Private Label

Segment Performance

Share Performance

Modular Planning

Take advantage of the data assets made available to you by retailers to experience never before seen
views of your business. CPG suppliers now have the ability to view sales, supply chain and logistics
performance across all of their brick and mortar, and dotcom channels thanks to the volume of retailer
data being shared in the industry. Whether it’s an internal data lake that needs data, or you are
looking for an all-in-one solution, we can meet your needs

Let us Feed your Data Lake with Real Time Retailer Performance

Automated connectors can be turned on
today for over 100 retailers

Includes all the components needed for data lake success

  • AWS, Azure and Snowflake pre-built integration and ingestion works with PowerBI, DOMO, Tableau
  • Meet the needs of all your stakeholders all levels of data available, Item, warehouse, store / club, regional
  • Normalization, cleansing and mapping engine
  • Self service controls for timing, volume, and frequency of data

Host your Retailer Data at TR3 in Tableau Cloud

Turnkey solution that has everything
a supplier needs

All in one solution, under your control including

  • Tableau visualizations embedded ready for use by executives
  • Brick and mortar and dotcom channel breakouts
  • Ad-hoc and pre-packaged reports and alerts
  • Sales, replenishment and logistics views for your team

Why TR3?

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100+ retailers across all Categories including Mass, Club, Online, Dollar, Grocery, Drug, DIY/Hardlines, Sporting Goods, Automotive, Pet, Apparel, Health and Beauty, Electronics

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Automated connectors, no IT resources and we maintain the portal changes so you don’t have to

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Our platform cleans and maps the data so you get a single view of your performance in one place

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Fast performance so users can take action, not sit waiting for reports to return

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Run on our hosted platform embedded with Tableau for visualizations, or on your internal data lake.


Leading Consumer Brand transforms their team with automation – team of 14 analysts were set free thanks to TR3’s automated connectors pulling data from over 30 retailer sources


OTC Pharma Supplier improves their demand planning insights thanks to downstream trends from TR3, with real-time picture of what’s happening with consumers can better plan for life after COVID


Outdoor entertainment manufacturer takes action based on digital zip analysis to expand their dotcom business

TR3's easy-to-use, cloud-based solution powers consumer product goods suppliers with automated, cleansed retailer data from over 100 retailer connections, providing accurate data faster and feeling confident in decisions that help drive business forward.

To access accurate data faster, contact our team today.