Luminate Made Easy with TR3

New retailer data sources provide new opportunities for insights and action; Walmart Luminate is no different. Whether you're choosing Basic or Charter, TR3's got you covered from end to end. When you're backed by 18 years of unprecedented trust, reliability, and innovation, the choice is clear.

Why TR3

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Data you can trust

Our advanced data integrity solution automatically cleanses and validates data to ensure that accurate retailer data is being used by decision makers, like you, preventing 99% of retailer data issues.

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Connections made easy

Have a preferred cloud storage or data visualization tool? The TR3 platform makes it easy to connect and store your data to major cloud storage and visualization tools.

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More than a sales platform

The platform that meets all your team's needs with industry-leading solutions that are integrated, business-focused, and proven.

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100+ Retail Connections

See the big picture across multiple retail channels. Access over 100 retail connections to view major trends and the full picture of your brand.

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No down time

Connect to Luminate and access your data same day with no interruptions.

As a trusted retail analytics partner, TR3 can help you navigate each of Luminate’s tiers. Get started today.

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