Small, Medium Business CPG Owners

Small and medium sized business have the same needs as large enterprises, but have very different team dynamics. SMB teams are typically smaller and focused on the entire business, verses just a subset. That require a keen focus on high priority areas and little time for digging through details. TR3 has developed an approach that avoids pushing out volumes of reports and is must more action focused. Think of a watchdog service that alerts the team and gives them one-click fixes to drive growth and solve problems.

What Really Matters For SMB

  • Perform like an enterprise, but with a lot less resource
  • Importance, visibility and value determine where you act
  • One-click fixes allow one person to produce the work of many
  • Power without complexity
  • Our team is available to augment your team where you lack expertise

What Really Matters For SMB

Omni-Channel Sales


Demand Planning



Data Visualization

Retailer Collaboration

TR3's easy-to-use, cloud-based solution powers consumer product goods suppliers with automated, cleansed retailer data from over 100 retailer connections, providing accurate data faster and feeling confident in decisions that help drive business forward.

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