Why TR3

A market leader for retailer analytics for Consumer Good Suppliers, TR3 provides an easy to use, cloud-based platform that meets the needs of any manufacturer. Whether it’s a team application to improve performance with a key channel, never before seen top line views of performance across all customers, or feeding mission critical data to a new data lake TR3’s platform is ready to deliver. Our goal is to give our customers insights so they can take action to improve the bottom line of performance of their business.

Trusted in the community by over 5,000 brands

Helps all aspects of the business. Sales, supply chain, category, logistics and demand planning all benefit form the insights provided by the TR3 platform.

Supports the non-traditional business models as well, including private label, DSD, category captains, direct import and online only.

Constant change requires continuous improvement. Retailer demands, portals and data are constantly changing; we accept responsibility to keep you current.

The best ideas are yours, not ours. No one is better at listening to the community than we are. We build what our community needs, not what we think you might want.

Built to handle big data. Any amount of retailers with any granularity - we can handle it. We let computers do the heavy lifting to free up your most valuable resource, your people, so they can take the output and act on it.

Customer Success means that it is our job to make your business successful.

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Market leader with CPG suppliers

Easy to use:

Customers constantly remark how amazed they are on how quickly they get up and running and can start receiving value all with very little training or ramp-up time

Improves retailer collaboration:

We know that our customers need to send deliverables to retailer contacts, so our reporting and processes are built with that in mind.

Business Process Automation:

Reports, dashboards and alerts are all must-haves. TR3 goes beyond that to save our customers time by also producing specific processes that meet customer needs. OTIF, order scripting, automated replenishment changes, and demand planning are all solved with the click of a button.

Constant innovation:

Insights and Actions, not interesting data, focused on ROI

Why Suppliers Love TR3 In Their Own Words

"We love their solution and I call it the Easy Button for replenishment managers."

"I’ve been in business far too long across 6 CPG leading companies. In all my years not one company has been better to deal with than TR3. I never worry for one second if I’m going to get a response quickly or thoroughly because I always get both."

Team lead for CPG supplier,
Walmart and Sam’s Club Teams

"TR3 is being extremely helpful with the crisis that we are going through in the country. We’ve been recognized for the speed of our response by sending additional inventory to the stores in need. The same day we noticed the POS surge, we were able to write manual orders in record time trusting the TR3 tool and getting excellent results. I personally received an award for Speed to Customer that I could not have executed without TR3. Thank you for such a great tool and for your support!"

Supply Chain Manager,
OTC Pharma CPG Leader

You’re in good company

Trusted by more than 5,000 leading CPG brands including…